Bénédicte Lucazeau, the creator of the Equithalasso line, has specialized in equine and canine osteopathy & physiotherapy for almost 20 years. After extensive research and field testing, she launched the Equithalasso line in France in 2009. Equithalasso products are a unique and innovative concept that are part of a complete training and wellness regimen for equine athletes.

In 2011, she founded EQUIPHYSIO FORMATION, the first certified training of Masseur Physiotherapist Animalier in France geared toward physical recovery & algotherapy in horses and dogs.

« After extensive observations and tests on nearly 12,000 horses, I noticed a need for regular maintenance and recovery practices. Knowing how thalasso cures and seaweeds have helped and healed me over the years, I have brought these beneficial therapies into the world of the equine athlete – and Equithalasso was born! »