What is EQUITHALASSO & Equine Algotherapy?

EQUINE ALGOTHERAPY – An innovation in the health and fitness management of the horse

EquiThalasso is an equine product collection made exclusively from natural raw materials extracted from the sea. These natural, drug-free, high quality, lab-certified products provide a variety of topical cares tailored to your horse’s specific needs for performance, power, renewal, or recovery.

  • Soothes and prepares joints and tendons to help prevent sprains and strains from heavy work or competition
  • The known properties of algae help to detoxify, reduce tension and soothe muscles and tissues
  • Derived naturally from the sea
  • A topical, 100% non-drug health-oriented product
  • Certified by high-quality European laboratories

How can it benefit my horse?

The EquiThalasso portfolio derived exclusively from natural raw materials extracted from the sea are an outstanding option to complete the care of your horse for maximum performance, health and renewal.

Before competition or heavy work:

Helps to physically prepare the muscles and joints for the increased level and duration of activity

  • Helps removes muscle tension to facilitate movement and impulsion
  • Better prepares joints and tendons to help prevent sprains and strains

After competition:

Found to aid and accelerate recovery

  • Eliminates the toxins that build up post-exertion
  • Known to reduce muscle tension and muscle soreness
  • Soothes limbs and tissues: heat, swelling, strains

The Origin of Thalassotherapy

  • The principle behind Thalassotherapy is that repeated immersion in seawater, marine mud, and protein-rich algae helps restore the body’s natural chemical balance.
  • When immersed in seawater, the body absorbs the minerals it needs through the skin: trace elements of magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium and iodide.
  • The use of seawater for therapeutic benefits dates back to the Romans, who also loved soaking in hot mineral springs. “The sea heals man’s illnesses.” Hippocrates
  • Modern thalassotherapy was pioneered in France, which continues to have more thalassotherapy spas than any other country.
  • We are transferring these known benefits to equine markets and for the benefit of horses.

Harness the power of the sea to bring out the BEST in your equine athlete!